Acting respectfully and generously with other users contributes to give a positive image of the group of bird watchers. Share your appointments with other local observers. Many of the knowledge about the species we have today is the local business seo packages result of the sum of the voluntarily shared quotations by many birdwatchers. For this reason it would be convenient if your appointments were added to the previous ones to achieve better knowledge and greater protection and conservation of birds. Obviously this is a recommendation and not a requirement, but it is necessary to indicate that the contribution of quotations and information adds knowledge which contributes to conservation.
We often believe that revealing information nests, presence of sparse birds, etc. Can we see point of the code, but are many cases where seo services packages sites have been destroyed and habitats for not knowing its value. On the other hand, the idea that the data we get lack scientific value: a misconception, because many of the follow-ups that are carried out and the knowledge that are acquired with them, in particular on the most are based on a wide range of collaborators not necessarily experts that provide local appointments that are linked to many others more comprehensive information of great value see examples such as the atlas, sacred programs, Nootka, etc. View the tracking website of birds: Com, to know these programs. Behave as you would like others to be behave in your area.
Good behavior and tracking of these simple standards, makes observers the conservation ambassadors of the of birds and their habitats. The best way to spread these ways and to achieve respect for our collective is undoubtedly to practice by example. Of course, these standards and tips are applicable to wherever we go. S consider facilities of public use those centers, facilities or infrastructures dedicated to different uses or objectives such as informational, the interpretive, the educational, the scientific or seo packages prices the recreational that are of useful for the development of ornithological and nature tourism activities in a territory in an organized way. Accommodation and information equipment the equipment or points of information are very important for the tourist find the information you need about the place you visit; besides contribute in an orderly and secure distribution of the influx of visitors in the territory.
To facilitate the understanding of the information, both national visitors and foreign languages, it is advisable to provide it in several languages Spanish, English, french, Portuguese. Information or visitor centers they are information centers, interpretation centers, park houses or points complementary information, which may be permanent or temporary and its main function responds to reception work, environmental education, information and guidance for the visit of the space, both through attention customized as exhibitions or other means. Depending on its typology and location interpretation center or information point information on a specific natural area or whole territory or destination: natural and cultural values of the place, places to visit and carry out activities recommendations, access, current regulations.
Existing infrastructures observatories, viewpoints, trails and routes marked, organized activities, accommodation, local services, events seo packages prices We can find ourselves in the case of that in certain countries, especially those in the process of development- the phenomenon of nature tourism is something totally- and therefore do not have a regulation or legislation that regulates the activity. In these cases it is especially important to be- tenuous with birds and their habitats, as we would be in our birthplace. The absence of regulations is due in large measure knowledge click here of the conservation status of the species and their environment in these places is usually very poor, so it is difficult now if the birds we see or the place we visit are sense- to the annoyance and activity of observation.

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